Island Night Life

Despite the island’s tiny population, we have some great facilities here. The little community club is a great way to meet some of the locals and have a beer. On Friday and Saturday nights the kitchen is open for business. Two of the local girls run the kitchen and they do an amazing job. I haven’t had a chance to get there on a Friday night yet but I will definitely try it soon.

This is the Friday night menu.


For kids they simply halve the serving and halve the price. I think that’s a really sensible way to do it. I find it a bit annoying when places have kids menus and they consist of chicken nuggets or something equally unhealthy and unappealing.

On Saturday nights the girls just serve burgers. I’m really surprised the place isn’t busier since the burgers are great. In fact I’m so impressed with the burgers that I reckon they are the best burger I’ve ever had. That’s a big call but I simply can’t fault them. The buns are fresh and good quality, the meat is freshly made and not a processed slab of questionable content and the salad is good. The girls obviously take pride in their business and it shows. The kitchen is clean, the food is fantastic and the prices are better than the mainland.
This is the works burger. Awesome value for $8.50.


While I was waiting for my burger to come out I played a game of pool. The pool table is free to use as is the tennis court outside. The island has so much potential for a great little community.

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