Island Commute

Today was the first time I’ve commuted to work from the island.  Normally I would leave the island on Sunday afternoon and rush back to the city for the week ahead.  It occurred to me over the past week that I should probably start trying to live on the island as much as possible.  After all, there is a perfectly good little cottage to live in and I have been maintaining a home in the city for the past few years.  Living in the city is convenient but it’s not where I want to be.  Convenience can be an easy trap to fall into and the years begin to stack up quickly.

I’m not going to commute daily, but I will try to only work 2-3 days per week.  I could even try working from home if my workload gets too much.

By the time I’d thought of all this I’d left it too late to get the early barge.  The first available was 8.20am, so I took it.  Most morning commuters are stuck on a bus, train or driving their car in bumper to bumper traffic.  This was my commuting view this morning looking back to the island.

Even if the weather was a bit dull, it sure beats looking at a traffic jam.  It’s also a nicer way to start the day with a burst of pure Pacific Ocean air before I start breathing the pollution in the city.

A bit further along  and almost to the mainland I saw these fishermen casting for what I presume were prawns.  There has been a lot of fishing activity by he locals these past few days.

I’ll stay in the city for a couple of nights then head back to the island, or should I say, “home”.

I arrived at work and the commute was pretty painless. It’s a 40 minute drive to town but it’s only once per week. Some people travel over an hour every day to get to work so I think it’s a pretty good arrangement.  

I’ve had some unusual jobs in my lifetime, some required me to travel into places and stay in uncomfortable situations where it was difficult to sleep.  Other times I’ve been paid not to sleep.  So this little commute and figuring out some reasonable accommodations in the city is a breeze.


And by way of update on my mead/beer cure for a broken heart.  It does provide temporary relief.  I felt so hung over on Saturday that it took my mind off more delicate matters.  So I guess it works by temporarily shifting the discomfort from heart to head.  I don’t recommend it as a complete remedy.

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