A new routine

I finished up work yesterday and planned my next step to making the island my regular home.  I’ve started to get my routine sorted by getting up at 5.30am and going to the gym, then showering at the gym and going into the office.  The routine is working well and next week I’ll just ride the motorbike in so I don’t have to pay for parking.  That saves me $100 in parking and A further $60 on the barge. 

I had to figure out a way of getting my motorbike/sidecar, the jeep and my bicycle across.  I didn’t want to make several trips back and forth so I looked at the sidecar for a while and pondered some solutions.  The motorbike and sidecar have three wheels so it’s virtually a trailer. I just needed a way to tow it.  I managed to get enough parts this morning to construct a makeshift tow coupling which would transport the bike safely being towed by the jeep.  Now for the bicycle.  

This was the final solution.  I made it to the barge without any problems and this could become a regular way to transport the motorbike or if I ever need a very small trailer …

It does get a few curious looks and started some conversations with people, who I’m sure thought I was completely mad.

It was steaming hot today and although Cutty seemed excited about going to the island, she was feeling the heat.

Once we arrived on the island I was keen to see what the garden was offering up for the weekend.

I had 2 more sweet potato, capsicum, some more eggplant and lots of cherry tomatoes, but unfortunately no more chillies.

There were even a couple of strawberries, which I ate during the harvest.

Island living is good. And plentiful.

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