Island History

Wherever you go on the island there are reminders of it’s history.  The island was once farming land which produced a large amount of fruit and vegetables for the mainland.  What was once one of the farm houses on the island is now the community hall.  It’s set on a few acres overlooking the channel between the island and the much larger North Stradbroke Island.

Just behind the community hall is the community tennis court.

The reminders of days gone by aren’t limited to old buildings.  Along the foreshore at low tide, there are still a few old boats laying idle.  This is the swimming enclosure, looking its worst, at the extreme low tide. The old yacht in the background has been sitting there wasting away for many years.

At the other end of the island, down at the main jetty there are the remnants of the original jetty.  The little jetty shed has had many uses and the carriage way used to run all the way out to the visiting boats.

Now that there are a few hundred people here, the passenger ferry runs day and night and there isn’t much need for the old jetty and its long since been cut short to just a remnant.  It’s a shame that the old jetty was removed as there isn’t anywhere for visiting boats to tie up.  I supposed that’s the price we pay for “progress”.  

Inside the shed, this notice gives some insight into the proud local history.

Here is the new high speed, high capacity jet ferry.

And amongst all this progress there are still people living simply.  I saw this bloke rowing in from his yacht and it reminded me of the years I spent doing the same.

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