Back to the grind

This week is really the first commute to work from the island since shifting most of my stuff.  For now I’ll take the motorbike to work since it’s a convenient and economical option.  I packed my clothes for the next few days and we took the 7am barge across to the mainland.  

Sure it’s not as convenient as being 5 minutes from the city, but the morning trip is scenic.  It’s also a good opportunity to update my blog. This bloke obviously isn’t going to work.

The breeze on the bay is cool and it’s a relaxing start to the day. I’d rather be on that sailing cat.  It’s low tide at the moment and the cat is weaving his way through the channel markers.  Not that he would have much draft.

 I’m not looking forward to the peak hour traffic into town but I’m interested to see how busy it is.  If it’s too busy I’ll change my routine to drive in either side of the peak. 

Update: The traffic wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected and we were settled into the office before 9am.  This commute can definitely work.

Cutty isn’t showing much excitement about being back in the office.

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