Home again

I’m back on the island and there is a lot of activity.  The little park at the bottom of my street is really getting a full makeover.  The sheet piling is all gone, it’s been capped off and the rock wall is well progressed.  It looks like a construction site at the moment but in another week I think it will be turfed and landscaped.  It’s going to be a nice spot to paddle out from.

The council hasn’t finished tar sealing the road yet but it’s scheduled to be finished next Thursday. It’s odd that they have laid turf along the edges before the bitumen goes on.  Considering that one of the main reasons the road is getting sealed is to stop erosion it’s surprising that they think the grass is going to cope with the torrents of water that run down the street in storms.  I thought they would have installed some concrete spoon drains.  Who am I to question their logic.  At least something’s getting done.

Walking up my street today I noticed this beautiful old pine tree.  There are a few old pines along the cliffs here but this one has been cut back on one side over the years due to it being right next to the road.  The sea air has a beautiful ageing effect on trees.  I don’t know how old this tree is but it’s just opposite some heritsge mango trees which are over 100 years old.  I’m guessing it’s been there a while.

Of course Cutty didn’t miss any opportunity for an outdoor adventure. She loves being on the island.  It was pretty windy on the bay today and she sometimes likes to have a swim down at the boat ramp.

It was pretty busy at the ramp with all the council trucks coming and going so I took her down to the swimming beach instead and she had a paddle around for about 15 minutes. Terrible photo of Cutty but I was focusing on the scenery.

Another week has gone by and that’s an opportunity for the garden to make some food for me.  This garden is just a food production machine!  I picked out a bunch of vegetables when I got home and prepared them for the oven.  Each week I just cut up the vegetables I get from the garden and bake them in the oven.  How good is that, everything here is straight from my garden and I know exactly what’s gone onto them.  No pesticides or herbicides, just beautiful, all natural food.

I can then use them for lots of things over the weekend.  I make a vegetable pasta one night, roast vegetable toasted focaccia for lunch and if there is still some left over I’ll make something else with them.  

Once I’ve prepared them I put the scraps in a bowl and take them back out to the garden for compost.  I’ve separated the pumpkin seeds for planting into the back garden this time.

I love the whole organic cycle.  There is no plastic, cardboard or any waste.  Food can really be over complicated these days, but living like this I really wonder why it has to be. 

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