A back garden

The front garden is powering along but it really is a full sun garden.  Some of the plants like a bit of shelter and I also wanted a place to grow some climbing vegetables like beans.  I needed a space that I can grow the bigger plants like melons and pumpkins without them taking over the entire garden bed.

There is a nice spot down the back of the block where I’ve built a small retaining wall.  It’s effectively a raised garden bed when I stand on the low side. 

So I picked up some copper logs, cement and wire and figured I could put them in as posts to run a wire trellis along.

I dug the holes with my little hand auger.

This is why the plants grow so well over on the island. The soil is soft and loamy and rich red in colour. 

The posts go in with some rapid set cement.

A bit of a check to see they are  plum.

And here is the new garden bed with stainless cable ready for some climbing vegetables.


Now I just need to tidy up and plant some beans. I might run some tomatoes on them as well.  The other good use for tall posts is to mount garden lights.

Behind the garden I’ll be putting a border then some turf under the tree to make a nice sitting area. I just need to screen those ugly fences with something.

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