Collision Course

I had to head over to the mainland today.  I was busy looking down at some paperwork and heard the barge sound it’s horn.  When I looked up there were 2 kayak paddlers in the middle of the channel.  The barge wasn’t about to slow down and the paddlers were battling the wind which had really started to pick up on the bay.

Fortunately by the time we had got to where they were the kayaks had moved outside the channel.

Unfortunately for the kayakers their timing wasn’t ideal as there was also another barge coming the other way.

You can see the channel markers in the photo above.  They did get out of the channel and all was well. 

As I headed west the sun came out from behind the clouds.  It’s always difficult to show the condition of the water in photos.  It’s pretty choppy and windy today but it doesn’t look like it in the photos.  I’d love to be out sailing.

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