The $1 Worm Farm

I’ve seen worm farms selling in the hardware shops for anywhere up to $100.  It’s a great way to turn food scraps into highly nutrient soil and also breed lots of worms for the garden. I thought of a simple way to make one today.  I bought a bunch of these plastic buckets a while ago to store parts in.  They were only $1 each. 

They will be ideal since they have a lid and are quite deep.

I simply cut the bottom off.

Drilled some holes in the side.

Dug a hole in the garden deep enough so that the bucket sits just above ground level and put some scraps in it.

I’ll put some newspaper on top of the scraps to keep the moisture in and the lid goes on top to keep the rain and pests out.

It’s only small but enough for one person.  When it’s full I can simply pull it out of the ground and dig another hole for it.  I can take some of the worms from the old castings to start the cycle again.   $1 and a few minutes wormk. 

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