A good start

Routines on the island are a bit different to the mainland.  For example, people might be waiting for their bus to come down the street.  For me, I can look outside and see when the barge is coming.  I know it takes about 10 minutes to arrive from that point, so things are fairly relaxed.

It’s hard to say goodbye to the island when I leave for the city.  This is peak hour on the island jetty as people wait for the high speed ferry to arrive.  I take the more leisurely trip on the barge. 

The morning commute always has something interesting to look at.  The prawns have been running hot for the past few weeks and these local fisherman have been out getting their catch since early this morning.

Somebody must have called an ambulance.  The ambulance service on the islands is better than the mainland.  These water ambulances are exceptionally  well equipped.  

It’s a good way to start the day.

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