A Shoe Shine

I love unusual things and as I was looking through an old shop today I noticed this coin operated shoe shine machine in the corner. It’s a pretty cool little machine and even has its own polish dispenser above the brushes.

I asked the bloke who owned the shop about it and he said he has had it for years and it didn’t work. I had a quick look over it and asked him whether he would be interested in getting rid of it.  He said, you can have it for twenty bucks”.  I figured if it wasn’t working he wouldn’t want it so I countered with, “I’ll give you ten and you’ll never have to look at it again.”  He said, “deal.”

I got it home and opened it up.

While it looks a bit complicated, I started with the simple stuff.  

Check the fuse. Check power is getting to the board. Check the connections on the board. Bingo.  

Now the coin mechanism.  Had a play with that and adjusted a few bits.  

10 minutes later and replacing a missing spring I was officially in the shoe shine business.

If I can just get 10 people to pay a dollar to shine their shoes, I’ll have made a profit.  Or maybe I’ll just keep it in the workshop as a polisher.


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