New park

I posted recently about the little park in my street where my mooring is.  I use the park whenever I want to take the canoe for a paddle or throw a fishing line in.  The old rusty steel retaining wall has now been removed and replaced with a far more attractive low rock wall.  I believe the cost of the project was in the order of $400,000.  It’s an enormous improvement, I guess it should be for that price.

Below is a series of photos of the project.



It’s almost finished and I’m extremely happy with the result. I’ll get lots of good use from it when I access the water. The fancy new turf is like a bowling green.  Maybe a Sunday game of barefoot bowls and a BBQ is in order. I wish they would have put in a jetty.  

This photo is looking along the waterfront.  It’s not really a rock wall but more of a few layers of rocks. 


I think the Council will probably plant a few trees here since it looks a bit bare, but it’s a nice start.  

Cutty is having a ball running around on the new grass. She is over in the right of the photo having a good sniff of the freshly laid turf.


And the evening view is equally as nice.


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