Trapped in the big box 

I headed into town today and as usual I was frantically racing around trying to get more things done than I would possibly have time for.  I’ve been putting off getting furniture for the cottage because I don’t want to have to move everything when I’m renovating.  I thought I’d bight the bullet today and go see what all the fuss about IKEA was.

After getting trapped into a conveyor belt of humanoids I scurried through the maze of furniture and homewares hoping I might see a quick way to the exit.  Alas, there is no quick way out. It’s like one of those people you ask a question of and they take an hour to give you an answer after telling you a bunch of irrelevant stuff.  “Just give me the answer!”.  I just want to look at a bed!  

Fantastic, there is a “cafe”, maybe that’s an exit.  I was starving, and trapped, so I figured why not get the whole IKEA Swedish experience.  The cafe is more akin to an army kitchen.  You pick up your tray and enter into another conveyor belt of hungry humanoids.  Swiss Meatballs was apparently the delicacy of the day.  As I’m not a fan of eating balls I went for some overcooked salmon and something on the side that I couldn’t identify. 


After gulping the slop down I was back into the furniture conveyor belt looking at “furniture” that appeared to be made of matchstick wood. 


You even have to assemble it yourself, maybe that’s part of the fun.


Now I shouldn’t be overly critical because obviously this crap appeals to a lot of people and I did see some crap that looked like it would functionally fill a room or bathroom.  Just not mine and probably not for very long.

I think I’ll cut up some old hardwood pallets and make some furniture myself.  Now, IKEA must have a loading dock where they dump their old pallets somewhere close by.

After IKEA I was off to Bunnings (another big box where they don’t keep you captive) to get some paint rollers and supplies to start the interior painting for the cottage this weekend.

Then it was off to catch the last barge for the day. 

It’s good to be home.


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