Green is Good, Greed is “not” good!

My recent excitement about the little park in my street was met with a combination of disappointment and disbelief today.  The property owner next to the park has decided to try and claim “adverse possession” and has fenced off a significant chunk of the new waterfront park as his.



He claims that he has used it for the past 10 years and therefore he is entitled to it.  Firstly, I have a bunch of photos that clearly show that he hasn’t used it and secondly he must be getting his misguided legal advice from his cornflakes box since it’s crown land.

I know this bloke reasonably well and have had many conversations over the past year or so and I never got the impression that he was dishonest or unethical.  I also had the impression that he was a community minded person, but clearly I was mistaken.

He has happily sat back allowing ratepayers money to be spent on a rock wall, earthworks and turf and now seeks to not only solely reap the advantage from it but dishonestly claim that he has used this land for the past ten years.  Even the photos I’ve posted of the project’s progression below clearly show the land as unoccupied.  

It’s particularly disappointing because this is such a small community with very limited funding and facilities and it’s a blatantly selfish and greedy move on his part to disentitle the local community from the benefit of the park and/or the money recently spent on it.  

I’m even more angry and offended about this because I’ve recently had discussions with the Council to allow me to make a donation to a local island community project.  I’m trying to add some benefit to the community and this bloke is trying to take it away.

Since it’s completion, the park is actually getting lots of use.  There are 10 people in this photo all enjoying the new facility today.  Hopefully it continues.

He obviously hasn’t told those two little girls that they are trespassing on “his property“. How dare those children enjoy the park!


Rest assured there will be updates on this. 

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