Running late 

The barges running to and from the islands are getting harder to get during peak hour.  The past couple of weeks I’ve had to get the later barge from the island due to the early one being booked out.  It’s not so bad though and just one of those island quirks I need to get used to.  I have a contingency plan if needed.

The Easter long weekend is booked out weeks in advance.

I know my photos probably get a bit monotonous but on days like today I can’t help but take them.  This is the ferry leaving the island as I drove onto the barge this morning.  It’s a novelty for me having such beautiful surroundings on my commute to work and I wonder if I’ll get to the point where I just take it for granted.


There is something therapeutic about travelling slowly on the water.  6 knots seems to be the ideal speed for a relaxing trip.  I sit back on the barge, close my eyes and feel the roll of the boat.  It brings back memories of the years onboard my old Westsail.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to live away from the water.

 This is the  maritime equivalent to a keep right sign, unless you are going the other way and it’s a keep left sign.


It’s going to be a hectic week at work and I appreciate the calm before the storm.

2 thoughts on “Running late 

  1. Rod, We have not commented with each other for quite some time (about ten or eleven years). I owned Satori in Port Aransas, Texas. I developed heart disease of a severe nature and had to sell her. She went to a good home and will go far with the new owner. I was reviewing some of my old web sites and contacts. We talked about attaching fenders to the dink to make them more stable. I have enjoyed catching up with your life. Your doggie has grown so big. I have enjoyed reading about your island and home and hope you continue. I love the pictures. I don”t get out much so it is a very welcome break to see how the other side of the world lives (now that I will be unable to travel). Best regards, Ken Bridger (formerly of Westsail 32 Satori)

    • Hi Ken, I’m sorry to hear about your health issues and I recall our past contact. Your old Westsail was iconic. It really means a lot to me to know that you enjoy reading my site. I don’t really know much about the people who visit and it really is a big deal for me to get a message like the one you sent. Thank you.
      I am really enjoying life, although it’s hard work at times and it would be great to have a lady in my life. Just doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen though as living in a little shack on an island is similar in many ways to living on a boat. It’s not something that many women find appealing. Fortunately I have my incredible dog. Cutty has been a great companion and it’s hard to comprehend how 9 years has gone by so quickly.
      Thank you again for your words of encouragement, they are appreciated more than you know, and I hope I can provide some further interesting posts in the future. I’d love to get another boat but unfortunately finances are focused on getting the shack finished. I will definitely get back on the water soon though, probably in something a bit smaller like a H28 or similar.

      All the best Ken.


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