Easter Weekend

It’s looking like a wet weekend for the Easter holiday.  I got an early start this morning and left the city at 3am.  There was a place I was interested in visiting which was a couple of hours away. I was on the bike and sidecar so it wasn’t ideal riding weather.   Fortunately it’s not cold so the rain isn’t really a major issue and Goretex is my friend today.  Cutty just hides under the cover in the sidecar and stays relatively dry.  She is always up for a little adventure.

Along the way we came across these camels who were looking miserable and wet in the rain.



They appeared interested in Cutty and came up close to say hello.



Anyway, back on the road for a wet bike trip and we eventually got back to the island barge. Cutty was giving me the, “not impressed” look.


Despite the miserable weather the bay looked stunning as usual and there was a patch of blue sky.

By early morning we were on the island and looking forward to drying out for the long weekend. 

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