Another perfect weekend

Each time I head over to the island I’m always surprised at how beautiful this area is.  I can literally point my camera in any direction and the subject matter is stunning. 


When I sailed my old Westsail I used to spend time at the Northern end of the bay.  I don’t know why I didn’t come down to the Southern end.  It definitely has its own appeal and offers more protection for boaties.

There are all types of watercraft getting around the islands from tinnies to old Moreton Bay cruisers like this one.

There are a few yachts anchored around the islands on weekends. They generally make a stop over at the bigger island grocery store for supplies.  It’s always easy to spot a Yachtie and you can generally tell what kind of boat they sail from their tender.  There are generally two types.  The modern sailors who probably sail a fin keel fibreglass boat like a Beneteau.  They usually have a little zodiac inflatable with an outboard.


Or the more traditional type who row a hard dinghy.


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