We have had some severe weather and loads of rain around Brisbane over the past few days.  The rain has been relentless and it has wreaked havoc on the mainland with some cars being washed away and some deaths.  Fortunately nothing like that happened on the island.  I suppose that is one benefit of being such a small island, the water doesn’t have a chance to build up.

This morning the bad weather has well and truly passed and it’s a glorious day out on the bay.  

I went down to the local shop, which usually has a little market on Saturdays, to see what was on offer.  It has always struck me as a bit odd, and not to mention uneconomical, that the market imports produce from the mainland market.  We have an abundance of amazing soil and land on these islands and a history of agriculture, yet we appear to be reliant on the mainland.  I try to grow most of my own produce but sometimes it’s good to have a bit more variety and if I had the choice of organic over commercially grown produce I’d happily pay the extra. 

So I did a little research and found that  the neighbouring Macleay island actually has an organic market which produces food locally and is wholly organic. Not only do they have organically grown fruit and vegetables , they sell everything organic from fresh milled flours, organic coffee, cereals, grains etc.  

This is a link to their website.

Infinite Earth Organic Market

The owners of the business established the business due to the lack of availability of organic produce. The business is modelled on a co-op which ultimately benefits everyone and they provide a free pick up service from the island ferry for mainland visitors and even free home delivery on the island.  For residents on the neighbouring islands, including my place, they have free delivery to each of the islands’ jetties.  So basically I can order my organic produce online and go collect it down at the jetty.  How good is that!  Locally grown organic produce delivered to your door.  

Before I became interested in organic gardening I didn’t really appreciate the significance of the term.  I recently wrote about my gripe with supermarkets removing the tops of pineapples so it’s impossible to grow from them.  Here is a picture of the Macleay Island market’s produce.  Notice the pineapples!

I saw this interesting, and ridiculously cute, video about a child’s experiment with trying to grow a sweet potato.  It’s a good lesson on the difference between organic and regular commercial growing methods.

Click here for video: chemicals vs organic

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