Dumpster Dive

Having had some exposure to the building industry and modern building practises, it’s often occurred to me that there is a crazy amount of wastage.  I was actually discussing this issue with an architect just yesterday and asked her if she was aware of any quantity surveyors who were more conscious of waste than most. The architect told me that the amount of waste on commercial jobs is huge.

As it happens, I was driving out to the island today and passed a tennis court complex.  The courts were being refurbished and out the front was a big industrial bin full of what appeared to be rubbish.  I drove past but then thought it was worth turning back as here were some big steel ladders that caught my eye.


The bin was full of sand and new synthetic grass scraps which was excess to the tennis court refurbishment.  I asked one of the blokes working there if the stuff in the bin was rubbish and whether I could take some.  He said, “sure, saves us dumping it”.  He also brought over a big piece which was about 6 metres long by 6 metres wide and said I could take it.  I’d actually just paid $6 each for bags of sand to lay some pavers on.  How frustrating, here was literally tonnes of sand being dumped.

Anyway, I loaded the back of the ute full of synthetic grass pieces and put a roll on top.  I definitely have a use for this.  Those cardboard rolls could be useful for something, I’m just not sure what.  


It’s easy to see how some people become hoarders. As much as I would love to take all those rolls for some project, I don’t want my place looking like a rubbish dump.  Hopefully somebody takes them and puts them to good use.

4 thoughts on “Dumpster Dive

  1. The tubes are great for pouring smaller concrete piers. I have seen a guy that cut them down the middle, forming a “U” shape. He used them to form a concrete channel for water to his home from a stream up the hill behind. Ken

    • Hi Ken, great idea. I did think I could cut them down the middle and use them for concrete moulds for garden edging. I’ve got one but hopefully someone puts the others to good use and they don’t just go to the dump as landfill.

  2. I saw that too on Thursday stock run @ reddy bay tennis courts … If I had the time before the barge would have jumped in the scrap bin as well !

    Synth grass sounds good for two areas @ Karen’s and mine.

    Went shopping @ mitre 13 lamb isl (aka dump) with mike and made 1 bicycle out of 2 !!

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