Garden design

Ever since the main garden went crazy I have been thinking about a design to optimise the space and also provide easy access to produce. The plan is to have 3 concentric layers of garden beds. The first is accessible from the outside and planted close to the edges which effectively creates a raised bed.  I’ll keep herbs and plants that I access daily in this area. The next is accessed from walking into the garden bed. That be will have longer term vegetables like beetroot, carrots and little pineapples. The third is a central bed where I will plant leafy vegetables and probably some tomatoes.

So today I made a start on it. This photo is from the entry point to the internal garden.  I’ve started digging the central bed also. 

The idea is to have a paver path which allows me to enter the garden and access the inner and second outer bed from 360 degrees.  I’ve put the pavers in and planted a couple of mondo grass in between them.  Once the mondo grass spreads it will form a barrier between the garden beds and pavers.

It still has a bit of work to go but it’s getting there and I’m happy with the design.  I can always change it if it doesn’t work well.

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