Gadgets and pizza

It’s no secret that I love pizza.  I could eat pizza for dinner every night or at least alternate nights with Mexican. Ok, Pizza, Mexican and Thai, that’s all I need.

So a while back I got a big clay paver to use as a pizza stone.  I just refused to pay $30-$60 for what was essentially just a terracotta tile.  On the way to the island today I stopped by a recycling centre and saw a pile of tiles that were surplus to a tiling job.  They were perfect for cooking pizza.  Natural terracotta and thinner (lighter) than a heavy paver.  I paid the princely sum of $1 each and bought a few as I figured some friends may want one.

Until I build a dedicated pizza oven in the garden this will do the job.

I’m not a huge fan of gadgets (I seem to say this a lot then tell you about a gadget I just bought) but since it was my birthday last week I bought a bread maker.  Now before you judge me, hear me out. I used to make bread a lot on the boat and it can be a bit messy.  I like that a bread maker can do the messy stuff for me and also that it can bake for me at 3am without my input.  I also like that it can make pizza dough.  See how I’m keeping the pizza theme going here.

I had my new pizza tile ready to use and the breadmaker so I figured why not have pizza for dinner.  I do love the bread maker.  To make pizza dough I just dump some yeast, flour, salt, olive oil and water into the machine and 45 minutes later I have perfect dough.  It mixes, kneeds, let’s the dough rise and kneeds again.  All while I get other stuff done outside in the garden.


And a little bit later Marghareta pizza, made from tomatoes and bazil fresh from my garden, is ready.  I’m planning to start making my own mozarella too.

I haven’t yet perfected the art of making a round pizza, but I will.  


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