Reverse week

I’m trying to work a reverse week these days.  Instead of 5 days of work and a 2 day weekend I’m working 2 days during the week and having 5 days at home.   I still seem to be flat out at home working on the Garden and the cottage but it’s better than being stuck in an office. 

I worked Monday and Tuesday this week and headed to the island this morning (after breakfast at Harvest – see below).   I know my photos probably get a bit monotonous but I just never tire of the beauty of the bay, especially on a stunning day like today.

So like it or not, here are some photos I took on the barge trip heading home this morning.

That’s Redland Bay in the background.


And looking North up the bay. 


And the obligatory bow wake shot. 


3 thoughts on “Reverse week

  1. Tired of your photos? Not a chance. I love them. You are much closer to living simply. Reminds me of a fellow Westsailor’s book by Ferenc Mate’ called “A Reasonable Life”.

    I enjoyed the book. I enjoy your writing about the simple pleasures of living quietly. A quick question. Do they have those Death Adders on your island? Ken

    • G’day Ken, I’ve read some of Ferenc’s books but not that one. I’m going to get on your advice. Thanks.
      Re the death adders, I had a laugh. It seems Australia has a reputation as the place where everything will kill you. I suppose it’s true to some degree but not as bad as most people think. So to answer your question, yes there probably are a few of those death adders on the island, plus a few other varieties but I haven’t seen any yet other than a harmless Python. I’m always conscious about them when in long grass or piles of leaves etc.
      Of more concern are the funnel web spiders, red backs, great whites, bull sharks, blue bottles, killer jelly fish, big salty crocs, rogue roos, goannas and crazy koalas 😉

  2. Hi again Ken, I went to buy the book and see that Ferenc has a sequel called “a real life”.
    It sounds like a more up to date version. Looks like I’ll have to get it as well. I’ve enjoyed his yachting books and particularly! “From a bare hull” which I used as a reference for some projects onboard. Thanks for the recommendation.

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