On the barge again

After my last trip over to the organic market on Macleay Island I was keen to get back.  I feel it’s important to support small local business since this is what communities develop and evolve around.  Living on the island really isn’t inconvenient at all.  I simply jumped on my bicycle and rode down to the barge.  It’s a free trip between islands and it actually encourages me to not drive the car.  Here is Cutty enroute to the neighbouring island.  It’s less than 5 minutes and as usual the scenery is breathtaking.

After a short ride I was at the market.  The main purpose of the trip was to buy some coffee for my reinstated coffee machine.  I bought some beautiful fresh figs, which I had immediately for breakfast, and some unbleached organic flour to make some bread when I get back home.  I remember several years ago reading the labels on food and being shocked at all of the chemical names.  It was virtually impossible to find anything without all of those preservatives and colourings etc.  As I’ve learned more about commercial food production I’ve realised that even the “fresh” fruit and vegetables that don’t have labels still have plenty of chemical additives.  This is why I like the natural stuff.  

I tried this coffee from the market and it is fantastic.  I’ll be buying this brand from now on.


Having the market so close is hugely convenient and it’s also a social hub where people come to meet and have a chat. That’s what a community should be. I’ve never had that feeling walking into a supermarket to buy my groceries.

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