Day to day

After I took some branches off one of the old pines a couple of weeks ago I was cleaning up around the cottage and saw my old mate the kookaburra was visiting.  They are such great birds to have around and excellent snake catchers.  

The council for the island has been very active lately with the work on the new park and sealing of the roads.  I liked the old gravel road but the sealed surface is far better for keeping dust and mud out.  The original drainage system that the council implemented consisted of just a graded roadside with some road base.  Not ideal when the next big rainfall came.  So today they came back and graded a spoon drain and laid turf over the top.  It looks very fancy.


We’ve had a lot of rain these past few weeks and the garden is going crazy.  Everything seems to grow twice as fast on the island.  Here are some egg plant coming along.


One of my favourite things in the garden are snow peas.  They rarely make it into a meal because I just pick them and eat them raw as I’m working in the garden.  It’s bizarre but I swear they grow to full size overnight because I eat them all, then the very next day there are more.


A few ingredients for lunch.


I was doing some work on the cottage yesterday and as I pulled a part of the roof away I found this old snakeskin.  It was at least 4 foot long and I could fit my fist inside it.  It’s only a harmless carpet Python and good to keep the rodents away.  I haven’t seen the snake around but it may still be hanging around somewhere.  This one is definitely too big for a kookaburra.



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