A week of + and –

It’s been a great week having spent most of it on the island and the weather is back to being sunny and cool.  I’ve been trying to be as self sufficient as possible with food and having recently bought a bread maker I’m now making my own.  After some initial experimentation, I’ve got it sorted.  Thanks to my bread machine I wake up to freshly baked bread using organic flour with no preservatives.  I love how it makes bread while I’m sleeping.     


I grind some coffee beans using my old hand mill from the boat.
This is the organic coffee from the Lemon Farm which is probably the best coffee I’ve had, regardless of it being organic, which is a bonus.


Some free range poached eggs, basil from the garden, a bit of tomato and worcestshire sauce and some Aussie mustard and breakfast is served on the deck.


Starting days like this puts me in such a positive state of mind and I’ve been extremely motivated to make some progress on the cottage.

It’s not all positive on the island though. Like anywhere there are people who just don’t give a damn about their community or environment, let alone the bigger picture. We do have a few feral drug addicts and dealers on the island and that element is what keeps the island from reaching its potential. 

I came across this depressing scene today down in the mangroves along a part of the island waterfront. Fortunately it’s nowhere near my place.  It’s impossible for me to comprehend how anyone could do this. Here we are living in a small community in a precious marine sanctuary and they have dumped oil drums and rubbish along the waterfront.  Apparently it’s leftover from an old house boat that was dismantled here.  It’s such a lazy, short sighted and selfish act. 


The oil slick is visible in the photo below. I rang the local council and they palmed me off to the state government. So I called the state government pollution hotline and they passed me off back to the council. Nobody wants to deal with it. What’s more frustrating about this is that apparently it’s common knowledge who created the mess but people are scared to say anything.  

I can get rid of the rubbish by taking it to the tip but I can’t get rid of the oil in the ground which will need to be properly removed with an excavator.  Personally I’d like to dump it in the backyard of the feral prick who created the mess, although it wouldn’t make a difference since he keeps his yard in a similar fashion.  

There are going to be some changes around here soon. I’m talking to the council about this on Monday morning. It’s a ridiculous situation.


So back to a more positive note.

I worked in the garden today sorting out some paths.  As I was digging there were worms all through the soil.  I accidentally broke this poor fella, but look how healthy and big these worms are. 


The soil is ridiculous here.  I wanted a choko vine, so I literally stuck a choko in the ground a week ago and now it has started to grow.  No special technique or care, just dump it in the ground and bam, we have growth. It works the same for anything.  I’ve literally hacked off part of a plant, stuck it in the ground and within a week it’s taken root. 

I replanted it next to a post so it can start to climb.  It will be interesting to see how long it takes to produce chokos.


Plants and worms aren’t the only things that do well here.  I think I found the owner of the snake skin I found recently.  I was walking through the yard tonight and came across this very healthy Python.  He is about 2.5 metres long (I put the highlighter pen next to him for size reference).  I’ve probably disturbed him with the recent work so I relocated him to the neighbouring bush.  He will probably be back though and I don’t mind having him around as they feed on rats, possums and even cats (thankfully not Portuguese Water Dogs).  They are a very docile snake and beautiful to look at.

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