The guest house

The land I have on the island not only has my little cottage on it but also  another old run down cottage that needs a lot of work.  I’ve been tidying up around it bit by bit and today I tackled the exterior timber cladding.  It’s got a lot of potential and with a lot more work it will make a nice little guest house.  Not that I have many guests visiting me here, but if I do, they will have their own quarters to stay in. 

The exterior timber is full of mildew and very weathered.  I scrubbed it with some chlorine based cleaner then hit it with the pressure washer.


And it came up a treat.  Someone has tried painting part of it previously so I need to strip the paint off to expose the timber.  I’ll coat the timber with an exterior oil to give it some protection and enhance the colour. I’m very happy with the result.


The next job on the guest house is the laundry and bathroom which is a wreck.  I had to rip the floor out due to old wood rot.  Fortunately there aren’t any termites and it should be a straight forward job.

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