Old Boats on my mind…

Ever since I sold my old Westsail I’ve longed to have another sailing boat.  It was a sad day when I parted with that yacht which was home for 8 years. It was the home that Cutty grew up in.  Life onboard an old sailing boat is pure happiness. 

Knowing that I’d one day get another boat I regularly keep an eye on the yachts for sale around the bay. I was taking a walk down at the marina this morning and looked across to see a familiar shape.  It was the old Westsail.  I think Cutty sensed its presence.  It’s the second boat from the left in the picture below.


We went over to take a closer look.  The young couple who bought the boat have recently listed  her for sale.  I guess people’s plans change.  They have done a lot of work to her and kept the boat in great order.  I admit that I’m tempted to buy her back, but I only need a small boat now to sail around the bay.  The Westsail is a huge boat inside and was designed for crossing oceans. Plans do change and my original dreams of voyaging around the globe have been replaced with spending a week or so at a time cruising the coast or the bay.

I do miss those high bulwarks and big bronze windlass.

 Just being out on the bay and seeing the boats go by brings back very fond memories.  Those years onboard my sailing boat were the best.  I’m off to find a boat.


3 thoughts on “Old Boats on my mind…

  1. Hi Rod, been seriously looking at purchasing El Viajero. Can’t believe I found this wealth of knowledge on El Viagero. Would love to chat, regards Shaun

  2. How odd is this? I sold my WS yesterday. Today I go to “my favorites” and type “F” to dial in to the site I wanted to open and up the link, I see f W32 El Viajero! Rod, I was talking about you on Saturday! I think of you rather frequently and thought you had stopped blogging. I see I have a lot of catching up to do. 🙂 I, too, now live on an island….not nearly as remote as yours but an island nonetheless. (Newport, RI). Cutty looks FAB, my Lulu (also 8) is not showing her age yet either. My workday begins but I will devote some time later to catch up on your world. Seeing this makes me smile. XO Nanette I wonder if I still have your email addy…

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