A little bit of work & a little bit of relax

I spent this weekend working on the guest cottage.  I had to completely demolish the laundry and was considering gutting the bathroom as well but that will have to wait and it’s not really too bad. 

The previous occupants of the guest cottage had let water sit on the floor for a long time and the floor was rotted and steel frame badly rusted.  I ripped out the rotted floors and took to the steel frame with a wire brush.  This exercise of restoring and preserving steel is one I did on the big Bedford truck, so it’s nothing new for me.


Hit it with rust converter 

Cold gal primer, then epoxy.  I chose Brunswick green since I had a tin left over from an engine resto.  Not that it’s going to be seen anyway.

After some dirty work it was time to do some gardening.  The temperature has been pretty chilly and last night was down to around 5 degrees Celsius.  During the day though the sun is out and it’s one of those glorious Queensland winter days.  The bees are out and stocking up.  This little guy is carrying a full load.

That must make flying difficult. I’d eventually like to get some bees here.  
Down by the water the day looks even better.  Our winter is mild compared to colder climates, but still too cold for a swim.

At the northern end of the island there is a little track that runs down to the very northern tip.

At low tide it’s possible to walk though this part of the beach to reach a smaller section of beach about 100 metres long.  Great spot for fishing.

The photo below is looking north to Peel Island.  We don’t have white sandy beaches on the island but these volcanic pebbles instead.  


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