Nasturtium mayhem

At one end of the garden I have a small forest of Nasturtiums.  I had no idea what these flowers were when I planted the tiny seedling but after a few months they took off and spread across the garden.

I did a bit of research on the plant and was surprised to find that everything can be eaten.  I was talking to a lady recently who has a business producing edible flowers and she uses all of the plant.  She makes pesto from the leaves, puts the flowers in salads and the seed pods are used as an altentative to capers.

The bees find the flowers very attractive.  You can pinch the tip of the flower and suck a sweet nectar from them.  They are pretty tasty.

These are the little capers.  They have an unusual flavour and are very peppery.  Apparently they are an excellent companion plant because their peppery flavour keeps pests away.  They are also dead easy to grow and like everything else in my garden, grow like crazy.

I put this choko in the ground a few weeks ago and it’s taken off and started to climb up the post.  People have laughed at me when I told them I planted a choko vine, but I love them.  I remember eating them as a kid with pumpkin.  Call me crazy but I’m looking forward to some chokos.

The mini Roma tomatoes are also coming along.  Maybe a couple more weeks ripening before they are ready to eat.


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