Winter Garden

Compared to other climates, Brisbane’s winters are fairly mild.  We’ve had a few nights of below 10 degrees Celsius, but for most of the days the temperature is close enough to a pleasant 20 degrees.

The garden isn’t out of control like it is in summer but everything is doing well. I’m a total amateur but with the island soil my garden is the envy of some far more skilled gardeners.

The beetroot is looking ready to harvest.  

I pulled a couple out to prepare for dinner tonight.

This is a different variety to the regular crimson beetroot.  It has rings of white and crimson flesh.

I love how simple the food growing process is.  I literally cut the top off the beetroot and stick it back in the ground for another harvest.  The leaves go into the mulch pile and it’s a perfect self sufficient cycle.

I haven’t tried this variety of beetroot but I’m sure it beats store bought chemically enhanced plants.

My broccoli is also coming on well.  The heads are beginning to form nicely.

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to let the leaves get that big but it seems to be working.

Below is a different variety of broccoli also coming along nicely.

The chilli plant below was planted by accident.  I must have thrown some chillies into the mulch and when I saw a bunch of plants sprouting I thought I’d let them grow to see what they were.  I’m glad I did.

As usual the bees are busy in the garden.  The flowers below are Bok Choy which I’ve let grow to seed.  Notice the little black native bee sharing the plant with a European honey bee. I’ve had trouble trying to get a good photo of these native bees as they tend to be fast moving and camera shy. 

The great thing about these native bees is that they are stingless, easy to keep and even produce honey.  I read recently that globally bees are disappearing and if that happens we are in serious trouble since they are the main source of polination for plants.  It’s good to see the bees are in plentiful supply here on the island.


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