Island Festival

The new floors are in the guest cottage and I relocated the water heater outside.  I need to paint in a waterproof membrane next week so the same water leaking issues don’t happen again.

The old eves were also rotted and needed replacing.  New ply is in and painted and it’s starting to look like a proper cottage.

I need to get the fencing sorted on the property.  Most of its done but I’ve been  trying o figure out what I’ll do about gates.  It’s easy enough to weld up some frames but then what would look good on top? I saw this screening at a new cafe in the city last week.  I like the rustic look and it would be dead easy to use old recycled timber.  Perhaps a few old pallets would be a source for the timber.

I had enough of working and it was time to relax a bit. 

Each year there is a festival on the islands.   It’s spread over a few weekends and each island puts on a small party.  Lamb island’s turn is next weekend.  Today the festival was over in neighbouring Macleay Island, so I went down to the barge to get a lift across.  This is the Lamb Island boat ramp as I was leaving.
I know, another water photo but I can’t resist on a day like today.  Unfortunately the barge only takes a couple of minutes to travel between islands.

Over on Macleay Island the little market was in full swing, well as much swing as a small island can get.

There were a few little garden stalls

And a choice of street food.

Each island has its own fire truck and the brigade is run by volunteers.  Lamb Island’s truck is a bit smaller than this one?


The next day, Sunday, it was Krarragarra Island’s turn to put on the festivities.  I headed back to the mainland today so only got a view from the barge.  


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