More Island festival 

The guest cottage is slowly coming together.  I took the photo below to show not only the gyprock walls are up but also Cutty’s new haircut. Direct comparison in the photo below from last weekend.  
Since the old toilet was out I figured I should put in a new water efficient one.  This one only uses 3 litres on a full flush compared to 5.  That’s a lot of water saved over a year.

I couldn’t do much more until I get the plumbing sorted so I headed down to the island festival market.  Considering there are only a few hundred people on the island we had a decent turn out with some people visiting from other islands.

There was live music and arts and craft stalls

And even a diabetes vendor for the kids. Sorry, I meant fairy floss.  

One stall had these island grown loofers.  I’m told they grow on a vine and then when the plant dies these are what’s left. They were also selling the seeds, so I’m going to plant some and see if I can grow loofers.  

The one on the left is bleached.  I’m thinking there could be a way to naturally bleach them without chemicals.

The little market was a success and hopefully we can build on it for future markets.  I’d like to have an organic vegie store there next time.

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