dog day

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and my leisurely schedule of working a few days per week has turned into a frenzy of juggling work and life.  I didn’t get to the island last week as I had to work through the weekend.  I’ve been putting in some very long days and I’m feeling mentally exhausted.  I’m also not getting any work done on the island which is frustrating me.  

On top of that, poor Cutty hasn’t made a recovery and requires surgery.  I dropped her off this morning at the surgery which we both weren’t thrilled about.  

The operation is for her cruciat ligament and involves cutting the bone and screwing in some plates.  It’s crazy how this happened, one minute she was fine and the next she just jumped up a stair and she was lame.

Hopefully the operation will be a success and she will be back to normal in 6-8 weeks. The recovery period is going to be difficult but fortunately she comes to work with me every day and I can keep a close eye on her.

Update: By the afternoon, surgery was finished and I brought Cutty home.  Poor thing. When I arrived at the surgery, despite being heavily sedated, she heard my voice and was howling for me.  

I bought her a comfy new bed yesterday in preparation for her recovery.  Here she is sleeping off the anaesthetic.  

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