The big clean

Now that the interior painting for the guest cottage is finished it was time to give it a thorough clean.  The previous tenants’ daily priority was drinking, smoking and just about anything else that didn’t involve cleaning or effort.  They hadn’t cleaned the place since they occupied it and I doubt it was cleaned for years prior.  This is what the top of the kitchen cabinets looked like.

I didn’t bother taking a photo of the stove and range hood, but after spending an hour scraping off the built up grime and grease I figured it would be better to buy a new one. It’s astonishing how some people live. These people mowed the lawn twice in 6 months (and I use that term generously) then complained about their dog having fleas and ticks.

It took me most of the day but in the end it came up pretty good. A new ceiling fan and lights are on the to-do list.


The new floor in the laundry and toilet came up pretty well. 

 The cottage is now in better shape than my house which is well and truly in need of paint and tlc.
While I spent the day cleaning in the guest cottage, Cutty sat in the main house recovering.

She has to stay immobilised for at least a couple more weeks but she appears happy and on the mend.


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