New Project – High-Water

I’ve been working on the island property with a view to developing it into a micro organic farm and community hub.  This type of idea isn’t new and it’s a movement gaining momentum around the world known as “Urban Farming”.  In fact, it’s an old idea which died off due to modern lifestyle and now we are beginning to realise that our food supply is not only controlled by corporations but that the quality is less than ideal.

The concept of the guest house is to create a completely off grid residence where people can visit and experience a sustainable, self sufficient and organic lifestyle.  I’d love for the property to eventually produce enough food to supply fresh, free organic food to the local community.

So I’ve created a new website which features the island property.


It’s in its very early stages so if you are interested, please check back from time to time.  I’ll put a link in the menu above.

The Westsailor blog will be more focussed on boating and general activities again and the new website will be focussed on the island project. Feel free to send me your suggestions.

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