City weekend

Unfortunately I’ve been stuck in the office working most of this weekend and couldn’t make it over to the island. What’s worse is that it’s a long weekend and I have so much to get done on the island but no time to do it.  

At times like these when I’m in the office for 14 hours straight, I feel so guilty that Cutty has to endure it as well. She is so patient and just sleeps beside my desk.  If she needs to go to the toilet she gives me a nudge and walks toward the door. 

It’s been a few weeks now since her operation and I wanted to give her a bath and some time out since she hasn’t been able to do much due to her leg.

So off to the dog wash we went.

I wouldn’t say that she enjoys the bathing process, but she definitely loves the result.  She obviously feels clean and loved and has a bit of a princess complex.

One of her favourite things to do is sit at a cafe where there are other dogs and people to see and food to smell (and secretly taste under the table).

She was visibly excited when we pulled up to this cafe and even let out a little cry.  I think she was beginning to feel like she was going to be bed ridden for the rest of her life.

She is still limping but getting back to normal.  

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