New horizons…

I finally collected the new boat on the weekend and took it to the island.  It’s a tiny boat compared to the old Westsail.  At only 1,100lbs its displacement is about 1/10th of my old Westsail.


I’m very happy with it though and excited about taking it for a sail over the Christmas break.  There are a few items that need attention straight away but I’m really impressed with the build quality. It could almost be a mini Westsail.

Cutty had made herself right at home and I think she will adapt to the smaller boat easily.


It was blowing a gale on the bay over the weekend.  This video was sent to me by a friend and was taken on the high speed passenger ferry, crossing the bay. 

So even if I did have time for a sail, it was too windy to be trying out a new and unfamiliar boat.

After a fairly productive weekend it was off to work again on the barge this morning and the bay was back to its normal stunning calm condition.


So close…

The new boat has arrived at the transport depot after its road trip of over 2000kms but can’t be unloaded from the truck until Monday.  I was so excited this week thinking I’d have it for the weekend.  I’ll just have to wait another week.  They are popular little yachts in the U.S. and have featured in plenty reviews.  Here is one on the cover of  Small Craft Advisor.   It’s a good lesson in patience.

Launch sites

I’m looking forward to the new boat arriving in the next week or so. I went down for a swim today and scoped out some good places to launch it.  There is the main boat ramp on the island but there are plenty of other more convenient locations.  This isn’t a bad launching pad.


Cutty didn’t miss a chance for a swim. 

I can drive the trailer down to the beach, drop the boat in and drop the car back home.  It’s about a 2 minute walk back to the boat. Perfect!

This is another launching site close to the cottage.  Moreton Bay has a huge population of turtles and many succumb to boat propellers.  I couldn’t see any obvious marks on this one to suggest death by propeller. Interesting to see the skeleton under the shell though.