New horizons…

I finally collected the new boat on the weekend and took it to the island.  It’s a tiny boat compared to the old Westsail.  At only 1,100lbs its displacement is about 1/10th of my old Westsail.


I’m very happy with it though and excited about taking it for a sail over the Christmas break.  There are a few items that need attention straight away but I’m really impressed with the build quality. It could almost be a mini Westsail.

Cutty had made herself right at home and I think she will adapt to the smaller boat easily.


It was blowing a gale on the bay over the weekend.  This video was sent to me by a friend and was taken on the high speed passenger ferry, crossing the bay. 

So even if I did have time for a sail, it was too windy to be trying out a new and unfamiliar boat.

After a fairly productive weekend it was off to work again on the barge this morning and the bay was back to its normal stunning calm condition.


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