Scupper progress…

I haven’t had much time to work on the little boat recently but this weekend I got onto those terribly repaired leaking cockpit scuppers.  This is how they were when I got the boat.

Sikaflex and silicone are great products but when they aren’t applied properly they end up creating a mess that takes a long time to remove.

I spent quite a bit of time scraping the old sealant off from around the drain. The problem was that there was very little space between the cockpit floor and the bottom of be drain and it was impossible to see what was happening on the underside of the tube.  The yacht manufacturer had decided that a longer tube was a good idea.  It probably is because it would prevent the tubes from being blocked by junk accumulating at the aft of the cockpit. However, the longer tubes ended up not such a great idea when trying to repair the tubes due to the limited space.  So off with the ends it was.  The tool I used for this is a vibrating multi tool.  It’s really handy for direct cuts in limited spaces.  The tip vibrates at a very high speed and cut through the poly pipe like butter.  Better than trying to stuff around with a hacksaw blade.

Once the tube was shortened it allowed me to scrape the rest of the old sealant out.

Then a light sand to clean up the area where the new sealant is going, a good clean with alcohol and it’s ready for the new sealant to be applied.   Below is a comparison of before and after.  It surprising how long it can take to do these fiddly little jobs, especially when there are 3 of those little scupper drains.

Unfortunately the sealant will have to wait till next weekend since the sikaflex I had in the workshop was close to its shelf life date and I didn’t want to take the risk of it not setting properly.

I’m pretty pleased that I’m getting closer to taking this little boat for a sail.

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