Deja vu…

I haven’t updated this site for a while now as I’ve been pre-occupied on my project at

You might recall in 2012 I bought an old Bedford truck which I intended to turn into an expedition camper.  I spent a lot of time and effort restoring the truck and finally after finishing that project I ended up selling it.  Fortunately I did ok out of the project and even turned a small profit.

Here is the old Bedford when I first bought it in December 2012.

And after it was finished below.

I was sad to see the Big Red truck go and since then I’ve struggled with the limitations of a regular dual cab utility as a means for transporting large items to the island.  I’ve even had to pay for trucks to deliver larger items.

So after weighing up my options recently I decided that I need a larger vehicle for transporting cargo to the island.  I’m not a fan of new vehicles with electronics and big price tags and I wanted something I could maintain myself.  I also didn’t want to spend a fortune and I wanted something smaller than Big Red.  The benefit of a smaller truck is that it isn’t limited by Heavy Vehicle legislation which requires annual inspections, extortionate registration fees and limitation as to where and how long it can be parked. 

I basically just want a truck that has enough space on the back to be able carry a couple of motorcycles, or larger building materials and landscaping products.  

Having had a good experience with my old Bedford, I decided to stick with the brand and found a 1968 Bedford TJ advertised a few hours drive north of Brisbane.  It ticked all my boxes and seemed like a good deal.  I called the seller and he told me it had no brakes, a buggered water pump and a few other issues but was an honest old truck.  

So I immediately packed a few essential tools, jumped on my bike and took off up the coast to have a look.  

Long story short and many hours later, I’d handed over $4000 for the truck, sorted the brakes, bought a ramp from an old trucking yard down the road from where the truck was and was driving home with my bike loaded on the back.

The water pump was leaking and I was traveling at 60kmh but I was happy with the truck and excited to get it home. 

Here is the TJ at a service station where I stopped to fill the radiator with water …..again.  The truck is nearly 50 years old and definitely looks better in the photo than it does in the flesh.

So it’s a case of deja vu.  Three years after the last Bedford project, I’m back at it and will have quite a project this Christmas removing rust, grinding rims, painting and loving every minute of it.

Stay tuned for more Betty Bedford updates.

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