Stop and Go…

There is some progress being made with Betty’s brakes.  The drums are off and cylinders have been rebuilt with stainless sleeves.

Even though this truck is still much bigger than a regular car, everything is much smaller than the Big Red Bedford I had previously. While Big Red had 20″ wheels, this truck’s wheels are only 16″.   It’s still fun to work on, but bigger trucks are more fun.

There is still plenty of life in the shoes and everything looks pretty good.  

The bearings are still good.

There are 2 parts to the brake cylinders.  The external part you can see below is the shiny (steel brushed) cylinder (to the right of the photo) which is accessible from under the truck with the drums on.  The other part of the system is the internal cylinder which sits inside the drum.  It’s all sealed, greased and reassembled ready to pull Betty up when needed.

A rebuild kit has been ordered for the water pump and hopefully this old truck will be back on the road by the weekend.

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