Cool down Betty…

Cold gal treatment to the tray complete and now I have to figure out a design for an extendable tray, side boards and tailgate.  I’m thinking about making a solid frame of rhs then fixing some timber slats to it.  Those side boards will be hinged so that they drop down and can be used to make a bench.

The water pump was leaking badly.  This old TJ has the early 214 cubic inch engine which is a dead simple long stroke straight six.  It doesn’t seem to run hot and is under stressed by design.  Fortunately, even with a bad leak in the cooling system it never overheated.

The old truck had been sitting for so long that mud wasps had made nests in all kinds of spaces.  They were in the engine and all around the body.   Here is the old water pump ready for a rebuild kit.

Water pump finished and here it is fitted back into the old girl. The engine is running beautifully now after a little tune up.  I’m extremely happy with the way the truck is running.  It just chugs along and I think it will be good for a long while yet.  

The gearbox is a bit clunky and the synchro has gone from second gear.  It’s definitely not worth rebuilding at this stage so I might look into some gearbox additives like Nulon which might extend its life and make changes smoother.

I’ll spend my evenings this week working on that tray design.

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