Xmas finally…

So the holidays are finally here and I’ve been looking forward to having a couple of weeks to get some work done on the island.  I was also looking forward to taking the little Compac out for a sail.

Despite having a list of jobs to get done, I put the boat in the water and took off for a day sail to Peel Island.

So here I am at the tiller.  The quick photo makes me look like I’m not having a great time, but I certainly was.

The weather was ideal.  A little overcast and a decent breeze from the East.  It was a gentle and easy sail straight across the sandbanks over to Peel Island.  

After just a couple of hours I had anchored up in about one metre of water.  A shallow draft means there is no need for a tender.

After about an hour in the anchorage and a swim I took off back home to the island.  The wind had turned more Southerly and increased to about 15 knots.  It wasn’t looking pretty.  I took the shot below during a lull in the breeze.

There were storm clouds rolling in across the bay and at one point land was no longer visible.  I put a reef in the sail about half way across the bay and it was a classic case of, “if you are thinking about putting a reef in the sail, then it’s probably too late”.   Fortunately the little Compac is a very sturdy and stiff boat.  At only 16 feet, it sails exceptionally well and is incredibly dry.

The tide had also gone out so there was no sailing across the sandbanks.  The trip home was quite a bit longer but it was great to be out on the water again.

I’ve found a few things that I need to do to improve the Compac.  The helm is extremely loose and I’ve since tightened the rudder bolts.  This should make quite a difference when trying to tend sheets and sails as the little boat wants to immediately run off course.

There was also quite a bit of weather helm.  I’m not sure if adjusting the rake forward will make much improvement since there isn’t much flexibility in the rig.  Perhaps a bigger headsail will improve things.

All in all, I’m loving the little Compac.  It sails at 4-5 knots easily and the shallow draft is a great advantage for sailing on the bay.

4 thoughts on “Xmas finally…

  1. I am glad to see you out on the water. I hope that little boat makes you happy. Ken (formerly aboard Westsail 32 Satori #223)

    • Thanks Ken and happy new year. I hope 2017 is shaping up to be a great year for you. The little boat is doing the job. It seems to handle the weather that the bay has and is more like camping than a proper yacht. That will make me happy for now though, as I just want to have a nice sail, make a meal and have a place to sleep for a night or two.

  2. You always seem so busy, but I would love more post about your sailing area. I have been reading submarine logbooks from WWII. I did not know so many subs operated out of your bay. Ken (formerly aboard Westsail 32 Satori)

    • Hi Ken,
      Moreton Bay actually has a very interesting history and in WWII, there was quite a larger U.S. force presence. It actually saved the local economy as the farmers were struggling and the influx of US soldiers was of great assistance. I’ll try to dig up some more history for you and possibly post some photos.



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