Weight Watchers…

One of the projects I wanted to make a start on over the holidays was to remove the beaver tail end off the Bedford.  While it is probably useful for loading a small tractor onto the tray, it’s of no benefit to me.  Additionally, by removing the tail and reducing the overall length of the truck to 5.5 metres, I save $20 each way on the barge.

I pulled out the plasma cutter, marked a line and got to work.  

The plasma cutter is great on sheet metal up to about 12mm but for anything thicker I was going to need to use the angle grinder.  There are two thick chassis beams running down the middle of the tray so I needed to cut access holes in the plate so that I could get the angle grinder into them.

Once I’d cut all the thin steel and plate I took the truck to the island dump.  This way I could cut through the chassis beams and simply drop it at the dump.   I propped the tail up with a hi lift jack and got to work with the grinder.

Once I was through it was simply a matter of pulling the jack out.  All that is left to do is grind everything flush, get some paint onto it and hook up some new lights.

I spent some time grinding the last of the steel down, gave it a coat of cold gal and fitted up the lights temporarily.  It’s a pretty rough  job but this old truck is going to be a work truck and unfortunately I don’t have as much time as I’d like to spend on it.

Next up will be to fit a nice bit of hardwood along the back and finish off bolting down the deck.